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As you will know if you have a wordpress account, you sometimes get Spam mail.

I had an email recently, and I’m not sure if it was from an individual from a company, or an individual who was just trying to be helpful.

I had sort of decided to not publish anything about other treatments, I know there are a lot of charlatans out there who would sell their own piss and call it a cure for coldsores!

However, I reckon everyone should be free to make their own decisions. I would also be keen in hearing from people who have tried this product out.
Before I tell you what it is, I will tell you why I am sceptical. There is not much info about the product on the website… what it contains, what proportions there are… Any testing that has been done with it (and I am talking about proper papers to back up testing). I can’t find much evidence of people reviewing it on independent sites.

Also, they suggest just taking it when you are getting an outbreak. Which is fine. However I would rather rid myself of coldsores for good. Quite a lot of info I have read on BHT suggests people who take it long term in some cases erradicate the virus. I would rather do that. Anyhoo,chat over… here is the name: Simquell


2 months taking BHT and no Coldsores


So unbelievably I have managed to take the BHT for almost 2 months since my last outbreak. I am only taking 1 capsule a day (250mg) in at the moment I think flax see oil (which is fairly palatable). There has been a couple of weekends I have been away so missed taking the BHT then, but as I was probably drinking excessively these weekends it probably was not a bad thing.
To Clarify, I am not taking any Lysine at the moment, just BHT
I currently have a bad cold. I can almost guarantee getting lots of coldsores when I have a cold, especially if I have to blow my nose a lot, I get them under my nose.

However! So far with this cold, no signs.. I thought I could feel one coming through, but nothing has appeared.
I am going to keep on taking BHT only, and see how long it goes without a coldsore.

Back on the BHT – DOn’t mix with Cherry Juice!!


So I have been pretty lucky the last few months, with relatively minor breakouts. I have been taking 500mg Lysine per day, and that is mostly working out ok.

However, I have had a few mad weeks, and very late nights with work the next day, plus a lot of boozing! I have got some bad breakouts now, so I have been back on the BHT (1 1/2 capsules in morning and evening – about 325mg per dose) – coldsore cream – lysine (500mg in morning and 500 in evening). I know a lot of people take 1000mg in a dose, but I never thing megadosing is that good – I also worry that it is like taking a berocca – you just get expensive pee!!


This could be total coincidence, but I have never had it before.When I took my BHT this morning (in warm oil as per usual) I like to follow it with my morning juice. This morning I had cherry juice, and I felt a total burning in my throat. Not sure if it is some weird reaction with cherry and bht. I swigged some coffee and it calmed down. It could be my throat is a bit raw from being drunk and shouting on Thursday. So, be warned!! (if anyone has had weird reactions with cherry juice, let me know!)

The Latest News

Well, I am still being pretty lazy when it comes to taking the BHT. One thing I have definitely noticed is that my coldsores are undoubtedly linked to late nights and excessive drinking (damn you coldsores!!) Almost every time I have a couple of late night drinking sessions in a row, I can almost guarantee getting a coldsore.

My current plan is thus: Start taking 1000mg of Lysine 2 days before a big night out. Just one a day. Then after a heavy night, if there is any hint of one, I take 2 1000mg tablets a day (one in morning and one in the evening).

If a coldsore starts to appear, I use my virulite, get a bit of aciclovir on it, and I start taking the BHT.

Sticking to this has basically kept my coldsores at bay.

Yes sometimes they do come up, but they don’t really get full blown, and they go away again just as quickly. So peeps, give it a try, and let me know how you get on :o)

Experimenter not up to it!

Hi All,

I have to admit I have been a bit naughty. I have stopped taking the BHT on a regular basis.

A: Because I really don’t want to take industrial chemicals longterm.

B: because it’s a bit of a faff, and often I am away, or I forget etc.

However, moving forward, this is what I am doing, and I seem to be having some success (although now it is unscientific, so I cannot prove what helps the most with my coldsores).

So,  last week I could feel this coldsore bubbling… you know what I mean sufferers.. When you have been doing too much, and you can feel it, and see it a little bit red, but it’s just not quite coming through. Then after 1 particular night it burst through into all it’s glory. Down the side of my mouth, in a trail. It looked like it was going to be really nasty, so I wanted to see how quickly I could nip it in the bud and get rid of it.

I am taking 500mg of Lysine every morning anyway. I upped this on Friday and started to take 1000mg in the morning, and 1000mg at night. I also used my virulite treatment, complimented this with some cheap Sainsburys (a supermarket) own brand of zovirax.

I could feel it getting sore and quite tight on Saturday, but come Sunday it was not so bad. Last night I took 1.5 capsules of BHT (about 375mg) (I would have taken them before, but I was away for the weekend and didn’t have any to hand).

It is now Monday morning, and it is totally in recession! There is only a tiny bit of scabbing. Usually it takes about a week minimum to come up, scab and go, but this is 4 days, and it is pretty much just a red mark.

I will have another dose of BHT tonight, and today I had 500mg of lysine in the morning (1/2 my outbreak dose) but I will have another 500mg tonight.

Ideally it would be great if I could get rid of them permanently, but if I am getting 1 a month, and I can control them that well, then maybe it is better I just hammer them on all fronts.. Thoughts people??

3 Weeks – Bad news

Well, it has been about 3 weeks, and I have my first coldsore!!

Admittedly I have been pushing things a lot. I have been drinking quite a bit, and also had far too many late nights. Coupled with the fact I missed at least 2 doses of BHT last week.

I am now going to up my dosage of Lysine and BHT. Lysine will be 1500mg a day, and  BHT will be about 350-400mg per day. I don’t have scales for mg, and my capsules are 250mg, so I am trying to do 1.5 capsules.

Strange thing about this coldsore is that my coldsores don’t usually hurt, and I only get a small tingle. With this one I woke up on Sunday morning, and it was throbbing. It is still throbbing now, and is quite sore. We will see if it lasts as long.

p.s. I am also sticking aciclovir on it.